Dhruv Patel

Software Developer & Freelancer

I enjoy building incredible applications. From idea to deployment, I can handle the entire process.

I am a Versatile Software Developer Skilled at writing well-designed, testable, and efficient code using current best practices. As a self-directed learner, my skills excel in a collaborative and supportive team environment.

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Dhruv Patel
About Me:

My name is Dhruv AnandKumar Patel; born in India and currently living in Toronto, Canada. I graduated with a BA in Information Technology from York University in December 2019. Currently I'm working as a Software Developer in Knayo Technologies and also freelancing.

My alma mater is Centennial College where my passion for coding was reignited while obtaining Diploma in Software Engineering.

Problem solving is one of my strong suits; Whether it’s finding the most elegant way to write a line of code or figuring out which chord fits best into a progression, It is always fun for me to find a way and discover new solutions.

My free time is usually spent in coding; The self-isolation during Corona Pandemic has given me a unique opportunity to study new things. It gave me the free time to learn a lot of stuff online and also earn a few Certifications.

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I also love to cook and experiment with street food recipes from all over the world. My weekends are jam-packed with game nights and cooking for friends. My dream is to open a little restaurant of my own one day.

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